The Psychology Of Pricing And Your Brand

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Utilising Consumer Psychology To Maximise Your Online Offering

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Words. They are fundamental to every brand name on the planet. Even if we recognise a brand through its iconic logo, such as the four linked circles of Audi, or the half-eaten fruit of Apple, we hear those words in our heads. The words used by every brand have profound psychological effects on us, making …

Pricing is much more than just saying “How Much”. Are you hurting your brand and your profits by sending the wrong unconscious messaging to prospective purchasers? Would a few pennies lower or higher make a big difference? Is your pricing presented in the right way? Learn how to win the “Brand Price Game”.

When you walk into a “Main Street” store your brain is being manipulated from the moment you walk in. Store owners can control the colours, the lighting, the temperature and a host of other factors to make you want to buy. Indeed, even the kind of floor covering that you are walking on has an …