Brand Quarterly Magazine – Aug 2013

Brand Quarterly Aug 2013

Featured In This Issue:


Storytelling Is The New Black: How An Old Tactic Makes Your Brand Human
Rachel DiCaro Metscher

Remaining Authentic While Going Global
Fiona Vesey

The Online Review Culture What It Means For Franchising
Steven Frost

Conversation Capital: As Vital As Cash Flow
Ingrid von Stein

A Localized Global Marketing Strategy: Why Every Business Needs One
Dr Nitish Singh

Mobile Africa: Lessons For Brands Targeting The African Market
Danette Breitenbach

Help Or Hype: What Do Your Customers Want?
Linda Coles



Does Your Brand Have GAME? Grow Your Business With Practical Brand Management
Andrew Vesey

The Principled Selling Method: Four Steps To Sales Success
David Tovey

Managing Change As A Process
Ken Vesey

Laying The Groundwork For Successful Marketing Strategies
Dr Antony Michail

Innovation It’s More Than Just Invention
Andrew Jones

Loyal To A ‘T’: Customer Loyalty – Create it, Nurture It
Andrew Vesey


Brand Quarterly Aug 2013


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