Brand Quarterly Magazine – ISSUE 15

OUT MAY 12 – Featured In This Issue:


5 Ways Your Traditional Business Can Thrive In The Social Age
Mark Babbitt

Is Your Brand Still Breathing?
Jeffrey Hayzlett

Protecting Your Brand – Even From Yourself
Andrew Vesey

The Way You Think About Business Needs A Revolution
Josh Allan Dykstra

Why Personal Branding Sucks ( And Is Bad )
Ed Zitron

Influencers And Content: Digital Marketing’s Perfect Storm
Lee Odden

How To Lead Well During Times Of Change
Karin Hurt



Do Your Customers Know Your Brand Promise? Would They Say You Keep It?
Shep Hyken

How In The World Do We Measure The Value Our Marketing Creates?
Daniel Newman

5 Steps To Empower Others To Think More Creatively
Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC

Distribution Channel Management – Walking The Tightrope
Andressa Chapman

Is Your Brand A Zombie?
Kristof De Wulf

The Customer Journey In The Social Media Era
Jeff Sheehan




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