Brand Quarterly Magazine ISSUE 22

Featured In This Issue:


Achieve World Domination: Develop Your Cross-Border E-Commerce Strategy
– Mike Bainbridge
Chief Digital Technologist | Rackspace

5 Mistakes Inbound Marketers Often Make (And How To Avoid Them)
– Kipp Bodnar
CMO | HubSpot

Data To Insight: The Evolution Of The Social Command Center
– David Armano
Global Strategy Director | Edelman

Kultur Brillen: Removing Your ‘Culture Glasses’
– Martin Lindstrom
Change Agent. Brand Futurist. Best-selling Author

The New Millennials: Transitioning Generation Y To Generation Z
– Patti Girardi
Adjunct Faculty, Integrated Marketing Comms | West Virginia University Reed College of Media

A Guide To A Better Brand Experience For Boring Brands
– Jeff Smith
Partner | Prophet

Inside Your Persona’s Buying Decision: Five Insights To Unlock The True Story
– Adele Revella
Chief Executive Officer | Buyer Persona Institute



A Common Social Media Mistake – Forgetting SEO
– Garth O’Brien
Director & Global Head Of SEO | GoDaddy

Break Down Silos With A Collaborative Content Strategy
– Angie Toomsen
Senior Director of Design/UX + Content Strategy | MedTouch
– Christoph Trappe
Senior Director of Content Marketing and Content Creation | MedTouch

Communication Strategies For High Impact Business Leaders, Part 1: Feedback
– Jill Schiefelbein
The Dynamic Communicator™

Global Engagement In The Digital Age: Speaking To Customers Internationally
– Bruno Herrmann
Director of Globalization | The Nielsen Company

BQ Insider Interview
– Mark Young
Chief Marketing Officer | Sysomos

Holistic Design: Working Empathetically
– Kristine Arth
Director Of Brand | fuseproject

Programmatic Media For Small And Midsize Marketers
– Robert Brill
Founder and CEO |


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