Brand Quarterly Magazine ISSUE 26

Featured In This Issue:

Alan Siegel

Empathy, Distillation, Clarity: The Principles Of Brand Simplicity
– Alan Siegel
CEO, Founder | Siegelvision

Brian Solis

Your Brand Is An Avatar: Lessons From How Consumers Identify With Their Favorite Artists
– Brian Solis
Author, Keynote Speaker, Principal Analyst | Altimeter, a Prophet company

Rachit Khare

Utilising Research And Development To Drive Customer-Centric Innovation
– Rachit Khare
VP, Client Solutions for the Data Analytics Practice | The Smart Cube

How Agile Content Marketing Can Save Us From The Content Flood
– Andrea Fryrear
Founder and Chief Content Officer | The Agile Marketer

Bruno Herrmann

Digital Globalization Goliaths Need Challenging Davids
– Bruno Herrmann
Director of Globalization | The Nielsen Company

Dr Randall Bell

The Four Cornerstones Of A Successful Brand
– Dr Randall Bell
Socio-Economist, Keynote Speaker, Author, CEO | Landmark Research Group, LLC

Simon Wright

Design And Branding: The Importance Of Strategy
– Simon Wright
Managing Director | Greenwich Design

Ken Rutsky

Are You Experienced? How Engagement And Participation Can Supercharge Your Content Marketing Outcomes
– Ken Rutsky
Consultant, Speaker & Mentor, Author of Launching to Leading | KJR Associates, Inc.

James Maposa

A Changing Regulatory Environment Calls For A Review Of Extant Brand Strategies
– James Maposa
Director Consultant | Intergroup Brand Consulting

Larry Ackerman

Navigating The Corporate Solar System Through Value
– Larry Ackerman
Founder And President | The Identity Circle LLC

Jenny McKenna

The Secret To Award-Winning Company Culture
– Jenny McKenna
Head of Operations – Saratoga | Fingerpaint

Charlene Li

Defining Your Next Generation Customer Experience Strategy
– Charlene Li
Author, Principal Analyst | Altimeter, a Prophet company

Joe Pulizzi

Making Money From Content Marketing: The Only 10 Ways
– Joe Pulizzi
Founder | Content Marketing Institute

Gabe Weiss

The Rise Of The Consultative Brand
– Gabe Weiss
Chief Strategy Officer | RAPP

Branding For Scale: Future-Proofing Your Brand Growth
– Andrew Vesey
Founder, Co-Editor | Brand Quarterly Magazine

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