Featured In This Issue:

Mark Schaefer

5 B2B Experts Expose Keys To Influencer Marketing Measurement In Technology Organizations
– Mark Schaefer
Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Author | Schaefer Marketing Solutions

Daniel Burrus

Disruption Imminent: Artificial Intelligence In Business
– Daniel Burrus
Founder and CEO | Burrus Research, Inc.

Sylvia Jensen

Social Media Mastery: Rise Above The Noise
– Sylvia Jensen
Senior Director, EMEA Marketing | Oracle Marketing Cloud

Bruno Herrmann

Digital Globalization Thrives On Personal Values (Too)
– Bruno Herrmann
Director of Globalization | The Nielsen Company

Louise Jorden
Andy Marshall

The Power Of Immersive Experiences
– Louise Jorden
Executive Creative Director | Rufus Leonard
– Andy Marshall
Head Of User Experience | Rufus Leonard

Mathew Sweezey
Tiffani Bova

Marketing Budgets Continue Pivoting To Technology And Customer Experience
– Mathew Sweezey
Principal of Marketing Insights | Salesforce
– Tiffani Bova
Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist | Salesforce

Caleb Storkey

Are You Ready Or Ripe For Disruption?
– Caleb Storkey
Author | Futureproof – How to Get Your Business Ready for the Next Disruption

Jason Langdon

The “Second Screen” Is Actually First: The Challenge For TV Advertisers
– Jason Langdon
Associate Creative Director | POSSIBLE

Nancy Hansell

Driving Your Media Brand Into The Future
– Nancy Hansell
Strategy Director | Siegel+Gale

Tim Witcherley

This Ain’t No Technological Breakdown
– Tim Witcherley
Managing Director | Cognition Agency

Phil Aiston

Interactive Campaigns: A World Of Challenges And Rewards
– Phil Aiston
Client Strategist | Manifesto

Prince Kapoor

Your Buyer’s Guide To Two-Factor Authentication
– Prince Kapoor
Marketing Analyst | LoginRadius Inc.

Gavin Finn

Reality Check: How Smartphones Will Change The Mixed Reality Game For The Enterprise
– Gavin Finn
President & CEO | Kaon Interactive, Inc.

Juliana Pereira

Global Content Performance: The Importance Of Translation Data
– Juliana Pereira
Head of Marketing | Smartling

David Gosen

2017: The Year Programmatic Went Predictive
– David Gosen
GM Platform Solutions and SVP International | Rocket Fuel Inc.

Jonathan Simnett

Mergers And Acquisitions In The AR/VR Sector: Time For Brands To Engage?
– Jonathan Simnett
Director | Hampleton Partners

Technology: Much More Than Just A ‘What’
– Andrew Vesey
Founder & Editor | Brand Quarterly Magazine