Like Swiss Army knives, ‘one-stop’ shop agencies can provide digital marketing and brand leaders with multi-functional support in challenging global environments and help them move faster with lighter bags. What should you consider when choosing one?

The key to building a successful ingredient brand is recognition. It isn’t very useful if no one has heard of it, or isn’t familiar with what should be its’ well-entrenched positioning. Lately there have been some major shifts in how the makers of ingredient brands are going to market and gaining that recognition.

SB Projects (formerly Scooter Braun Projects) is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures integrating music, film, television, technology and philanthropy. I was lucky enough to have a chat with their top marketing mind Brad Haugen and gain some wonderful insights into the process behind launching chart-topping artists, TV shows and more… Thanks Brad for …

How can brands create loyalists for the long haul? From Apple enthusiasts to football team fanatics, the common thread is emotional engagement. This article outlines three must-have storytelling components that are particularly well-suited for winning the customer lifecycle.

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms in digital marketing today. We take a look into what makes a successful social campaign and offer five easy ways to increase the number of shares that you get from your posts.

With creativity, a well conceived, timed and executed internet meme can help lesser known causes make a big splash – supplementing or circumventing the traditional tools of cause marketing.

Social media may be the ‘new media’ and the laws around it may still be evolving, but the regulatory bodies in the US and UK both agree – transparency is still the key. Is lack of disclosure in your social media competitions and influencer marketing leading to a mislead consumer?

When it comes to picking a time of year to go all-out with your marketing, Christmas is a season where you simply can’t afford to be lost in the crowd. Your customers have been saving all year for this one opportunity to cut loose, spurred on by a cultural institution that can send them to …

Mastering management issues around social media is fast becoming a priority for business leaders in all sectors. We outline for you five ways to effectively manage social media with a capital “M”.

How Marketing Can Drive More Customers, Better Experiences And Great Products Marketing Has A Marketing Problem Ask most people to define what marketing is, and the answer will almost always come down to some form of a definition that is more closely related to advertising. Not that there is anything wrong with advertising.  Advertising is an effective …