Brands aren’t just all pretty pictures, catchy lines and generating ease of recognition. Successful companies create and nurture their brands as a way to influence the behavior of their customers. It doesn’t really matter how much people know about your brand if you can’t get them to buy it.

Here it is… the extended coverage of the 2014 ’50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50′ list – where each of the finalists highlighted share their insights into the next 5 years in marketing and on creating an engaging social media presence.

Being subject to many forces over which they have limited control: government economic policy, attitudinal changes among consumers and the development of new technology, to name a few. Environmental analysis examines such forces to predict the environment in which a business will need to execute their marketing strategy.

Why have many luxury brands disappeared, while others have maintained or increased in status? What do luxury brands need to do to stay at the top, and get back there if they’ve dropped off?

For all organisations, monitoring the voice of customers is an essential, in order to improve operations and remain competitive. But are current methodologies and systems delivering what we need? Rita Tochner shares her thoughts on ensuring every customer’s unique voice is be heard.

Transcreation? Think of it as language translation on steroids! It’s all about re-creating a marketing message—and its central purpose is to preserve your core brand identity. Instead of merely translating words, you’re completely re-creating them for a new culture. Ensuring the essential emotive intent resonates with the people whose hearts you’re trying to capture.

A very important step in shaping marketing strategy is to audit the marketing function and related strategy. Such auditing practices are not common to many organisations that decide on a marketing plan and budget without measuring the performance of their previous and current activities. Marketing accountability demands from marketers to be able to effectively measure …

A few months ago, I wrote an article about storytelling’s newfound renaissance. It seems to me that the term “storytelling” gets thrown around in marketing departments without much thought to what it truly means. I worry that storytelling will become a hackneyed term and lose its impact. If storytelling is the new black, how can a marketer …

While much of the customer experience is local, people and information easily cross borders. A billboard might be stationary, but a cellphone photo of it can travel the world. Read how Microsoft adapt their products and marketing to get it right on both the global and local level.