How To Grow An Saas Company In A Competitive Market

It should be plainly obvious to anyone working within the SaaS industry that the marketplace has only become increasingly competitive in recent years. This rapid growth does not appear likely to abate any time soon, making it incredibly difficult for SaaS companies to stand out and achieve substantial growth. Despite this inherent challenge, it is indeed possible to generate continued growth through the effective development and implementation of a series of highly individualized strategies focusing on each of the following components:

  • Seamless integration with existing tools already used by clients
  • Cohesive and scalable digital marketing methodologies
  • Nuanced understanding and incorporation of industry-specific language

As director of marketing for QA Symphony, I am responsible for ensuring that we are able to set ourselves apart from other SaaS companies looking to establish a foothold within this increasingly competitive marketplace. It is through a focus on the aforementioned components that our marketing team is able to create highly effective and award-winning marketing campaigns capable of delivering the kinds of results a rapidly growing SaaS company requires when seeking to set itself apart while operating in a competitive marketplace.

I have always enjoyed challenges requiring a great deal of creativity, and it is my belief that our growth is the product of several distinct factors. Although any growth strategy should be designed according to the needs of the specific company in question, the strategies described below can be readily adapted and applied by any other SaaS company seeking a path toward a similar level of growth despite the competition that currently exists in our rapidly expanding market.

The Importance Of Seamless Integration

Companies that provide software-as-a-service must always remain keenly aware of the importance of providing truly convenient “service.” One of these aspects is a focus on seamless integration with the tools your potential clients already use. Rather than asking potential clients to make drastic changes in order to reap substantial benefits, it is far more effective to focus on improving or enhancing that which is familiar to the client through truly seamless integration.

If your platform can be readily integrated with many different tools already being used by clients, it is more convenient for clients and therefore more likely to be utilized. There is no need to convince potential clients to take a figurative leap of faith with something new and different; instead, they will feel a greater sense of confidence in incorporating something that can be so easily integrated with the tools already being used.

A Strategic Approach To Digital Marketing

Every SaaS company should recognize the need to develop a strategic approach to digital marketing based on specific goals and objectives. In my role, I believe we are able to generate the best possible outcomes by focusing on creating digital marketing campaigns that are both cohesive and scalable in a manner that drives greater awareness, generates new leads, grows our pipeline, and enhances revenue.

This comprehensive approach to digital marketing is rooted in a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and innovation at every opportunity. SaaS companies benefit from cultivating this kind of environment for several reasons beyond the creation and implementation of effective digital marketing campaigns, particularly since company culture is such a critical factor when it comes to attracting the most talented industry professionals.

The Nuances Of Industry-Specific Language

Developing an understanding of the nuances of industry-specific language is one of the most important – and most frequently overlooked – factors in standing out as an SaaS company. Early on in my career, I recognized the substantial and wholly positive impact of simply incorporating the specific terms and phrases used by professionals in the industries representing our target market.

In reviewing some of the efforts of other SaaS companies, I have noticed that the marketing materials – despite describing something that would clearly be of great interest to the companies being targeted by the marketing effort – fail to deliver the expected results simply due to a lack of industry-specific language. Develop an understanding of the nuanced language used by industry professionals and you will go a long way toward helping your SaaS company stand out in such an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Of course, it is worth repeating that each of these strategic approaches should be adapted according to the specific goals and objectives as outlined by a fast-growing SaaS company. Adapted in this way, the incorporation of these approaches will play an instrumental role in ensuring any SaaS company is able to thrive and expand in a manner that greatly exceeds expectations.