InfluencerChat – Branding With Andrew Vesey

#InfluencerChat, hosted by Ann Tran (), Rebekah Radice (), and Diana Adams (), is an opportunity for influencers and the Twitter community to come together, to share, discuss and learn. Each month, an influencer is chosen as a special guest, to drive the conversation and offer their insights to the community. Andrew Vesey, our own Chief BrandMan, had the honour of being the guest of June’s #InfluencerChat, which centered around Brands and Branding. Below are some of the highlights from that 1 hour Twitter chat, both from Andrew and the greater #InfluencerChat community.

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(click on the ‘+’ beside each question to view highlights from the conversation)

Question 1:
How do (or should) a brand & its branding work together?

Question 2:
Why is branding so important when it comes to your marketing efforts?

Question 3:
How much does a company really spend on their brand / branding each year?

Question 4:
“We want to strengthen / increase our brand awareness, but can’t spare much extra money – What can we do?”

Question 5:
How often should we consider a rebrand? How do we know it’s time?

Question 6a:
Should you have sales staff doing design and marketing work?

Question 6b:
What are your thoughts on print management in this digital world?

Question 7:
When considering the brand voice, should you be gender specific? (male vs. female tone)

Question 8:
What are the best ways to determine your key brand differentiators and how do you leverage them?

Question 9:
Can you explain what a ‘Brand QA System’ is, and it’s relationship to branding ROI?

Question 10:
Are there any ‘secrets’ to help achieve a competitive edge when branding or rebranding?