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Current Publication Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the number of article submissions we receive, the earliest new submissions will be published is currently LATE MARCH / EARLY APRIL

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Brand Quarterly!

Download our current media kit (incl. editorial calendar) here.

If you produce content that is engaging, educational, and sometimes provokes discussion – we would love to hear from you.  We welcome many writing styles and are drawn particularly to writers that share a strong point of view in an informal, conversational writing style that easily connects with our readers.

Content Originality And Exclusivity:

All content, including articles, interviews, and infographics, must be original content produced exclusively for Brand Quarterly – meaning it has not been published elsewhere (including company / personal blogs, LinkedIn Pulse and other article sharing sites – information for republishing and repurposing below).

Editorial Requirements:

  • Articles should be between 800-1600 words in length wherever possible.
  • Content must be vendor and product neutral.  In-house examples are acceptable if they are not advertorial in nature.
  • Statistics or factual claims should be hot-linked to their original (non-advertorial) sources.  Any non-essential links in articles will be removed.
  • Content must focus on best and next practices, thought leadership, or trends (with an educational angle).  News, appointments, campaigns and isolated case-studies are not accepted.

Republishing And Repurposing Your Brand Quarterly Article:

While we only consider exclusive content for publication through Brand Quarterly, we are happy for our contributors to repurpose their articles elsewhere, under the following criteria:

  • There must be a minimum of 28 days between the publication of your content by Brand Quarterly and the time it is published elsewhere.  NOTE: You may publish an introduction or summary that links to the full article at any time.
  • Any republication must cite Brand Quarterly as its original source and provide a link to http://www.brandquarterly.com
  • If an article is partially reproduced or quoted, a link to the original article on BrandQuarterly.com is required.

How To Submit:

To submit an article for consideration by Brand Quarterly, please use the submission form below, including all the relevant information and content.  NOTE: Email submissions are not accepted.

What Happens After Sending Your Submission:

  • The Brand Quarterly editorial team will make an initial review of the article for originality, topic appropriateness, and overall treatment. Once approved, your article will be entered in the next scheduled full editorial review round.
  • After the full editorial review, we will contact you to let you know our decision on placement, publication timeline, and if necessary, request approval on any major edits. While any substantial changes are subject to author approval, we reserve the right to make small edits for clarity, grammar, length, removing non-relevant / redundant hyperlinks and avoiding advertorial angles.

If you have a specific question before submitting your article – or would like feedback on a proposed topic, please email editorial@brandquarterly.com.

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