Thanks for your support for Brand Quarterly to date.

Our goal is to maintain a free subscription and open web publication. Of course there are a number of production and maintenance costs to be covered, so we are now working on a number of mutually beneficial Partnerships to help fund further developments and deliver an even better product than before. Could your company benefit from partnering with us?

As an partner, you will reach those people in business responsible for marketing, branding and management, and show them that you support initiatives like Brand Quarterly – aimed at helping them in their business – not just ‘selling them stuff’.  You will have the opportunity to connect with readers on our website, through banner advertising, email promotions, and display advertising inside issues of the magazine (both magazine placements and emails are very limited in number to ensure we remain ‘content rich’ – so you can be guaranteed some ‘elbow room’ with other partners).

If you would like to know more, please email us at