Gain a competitive advantage in the race for your market’s hearts and minds by slotting your brand into pole position. To do that, you need the right crew around you – and you’ll find plenty of them here in this very special, 5th Anniversary issue of Brand Quarterly. B2B focused? Well, there’s plenty here for you. More interested in B2C? We’ve got you covered too. You will also learn about B2B4C, GenZ, CX, CMOs, TDSR, and the 4 T’s, to name but a few letters of the alphabet :)

Stand out on the global stage. This bumper issue is packed from cover to cover with valuable insights to help you achieve success in the global marketplace. Our third annual Global Marketing special edition is here, in association with Brand2Global, the conference for global marketers. Whether you’re a CMO, CDO, content marketer, responsible for localisation, …

Is your brand fashion? Or faux pas? Learn how to capture the hearts and minds of customers in international markets, as well as Gen Z. Unravel the secrets behind what makes your customers tick. Improve your social intelligence, SEO, programmatic, and inbound marketing capabilities. No matter what stage your brand is currently at, our world-class experts are here to help you transform any brand faux pas into something much more fashionable – then take that step from fashionable, to timeless.

Does your brand inspire loyalty? You’ll find plenty here to help you reach that lofty goal of achieving unwavering brand loyalty. Learn how to gain influence (and even become an influencer), build a brand of legend, develop a truly authentic customer experience, ask the right questions when going through a rebrand, accelerate your digital marketing transformation, engage consumers in the right way, discover your brand’s own unique signature story… and more.

Social Brands Think Outside The Box – does yours? You’ll find plenty of advice and inspiration, from our 27 social-savvy experts in this special edition of Brand Quarterly.

Take note! Long-term brand success requires more than just talk. It takes action. Issue 19’s line-up of fantastic contributors are here to help and share their insights. Sticky brands, rebel brands, pretty brands, future ready brands and well managed ones – they’ve got it all covered for you. Sprinkle in hard trends, intelligent content, measured content, community building, Millennials in B2B, and marketing lessons from software development and it feels like there’s something to appeal to all the senses – oh yeah… that’s covered too.

Is your brand dressed for success? Our 60+ experts will help you get that competitive advantage. That’s right – it’s our fourth birthday, and we have over 60 brand, marketing and business experts on the guest list! Sharing their insights with you on brand building, advice for the C-Suite, leadership in the Social Age, content strategy, social selling, loyalty programs; plus the unveiling of the 2015 ’50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50’ list… and a whole bunch more.

Don’t get buried by the competition. Rise above the rest, with a little help from our expert contributors – including lessons in reputation management from a pioneer in the field, content marketing insights from one of the best in the business, brand management from our own Chief Brandman, agile marketing, customer experience, sales, social, mobile – CMOs, Professors, LinkedIn Influencers, award-winning authors… and so much more!

Check your vision… the future is ‘Glocal’. Are you prepared? From globalisation to localisation, translation to transcreation, global social, brand management, brand names and more – it’s all here, in your Global Marketing Special Edition of Brand Quarterly – brought to you, for the second year running, in partnership with our friends and wonderful Brand Benefactors at the Brand2Global conference.

Create a brand that attracts AND keeps customers… with a little help from our world-class contributors in this issue of Brand Quarterly. A primetime radio host sharing insights from Gene Simmons, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Jonas, right through to highly respected experts discussing creativity, leadership, ROI, customer service, influencers, tightropes, guardians and zombies – yes, even zombies! That’s what’s in store for you within this issue’s digital pages – and more…