BPOSITV: Positively Engaging Your Customers Every Day


When we hear the word, we may think of a young man getting down on his knee and asking his true love for her hand in marriage.

Or, we may think about our own engagement and the joy we felt at that one moment in time.

Could it be we think of the buzzword in Marketing, and we lie awake at night wondering how we will engage our audiences with digital delights?

I sure hope we think of true love.

Alas, we are all marketers at heart, and our minds do not turn off the 24/7 faucet that brings us ideas and fuels our passion to engage our audiences.

How do we engage online and offline to help us marry our customers to our service?  I’m going to share with you a story about social service.  It’s not social networking; it’s not social media; it’s social service.  Social service engages members in a way that is everlasting.  Credit Unions serve members.  In retail and business, consider them customers.

Consumers Credit Union has set up a social media team and a social service team.

  • Our social media team works on creating content and sending the content to our members through the various channels we use to network.
  • Our social service team works on listening and responding to members’ needs and community questions.
  • Our social media team is made up of marketing gurus, who know the ins/outs of our chosen networks.
  • Our social service team is made up of customer service gurus, who know the ins/outs of our back-end systems and can communicate instantly with our members 24/7 on service needs.

We have set up our social service team to respond as fast as possible to members and potential members.  We work in the financial industry; so when a member has a service need it usually involves their money.  There is nothing more personal than that. It’s up to us to take the service issues seriously and personally.

Let me give you an example:

A member is in Sweden traveling abroad.  The member forgot to alert us they were traveling.  It was overnight in the United States when they were checking into their hotel.  They were told their card was declined.  We have a standard fraud stop if an overseas transaction takes place and there are not notes in the member’s file.  Our member didn’t have access to voice call at the time, so they messaged us on Facebook to find out if anyone was available to help.  Within 3 minutes they received a response.

We immediately asked them to connect to Messenger, so their information wasn’t sent over public Facebook.  We asked for a phone number to contact them and were given the front desk of the hotel.  We called our member and were able to securely learn their identity and help them get their debit card working again.

Consumers Credit Union is not the first company to set up social service teams to help engage members.  However, we are very proud of our team, and the response from members has been amazing.  Why? Because we listen.

I believe Marketing, in its most intimate form, is a conversation.  You cannot have a conversation without listening and responding to your members who connect with you.

How do we succeed?

  1. We set up alert tools on our smartphones when a member has a need and reaches out in social media.
  2. We respond quickly.
  3. We are considerate and professional at all times.
  4. We have strict guidelines.
  5. Our guidelines are transparent both internally and externally:
    – No vulgarity
    – No name calling (and no first/last names)
    – No account information
    – No rudeness
    – Yes be kind
    – Yes ask for help
    – Yes care about others
    – Yes put a smile in your voice and your tone online
  6. We engage with members offline as much as possible (What is the best way to reach you?)

The best part of the above six guidelines is that they are shared with our employees AND our members.  We are very transparent about serving positively every day.  We are just as transparent to our members to treat our team in the same positive manner.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the snarky-ness of social.  It feels like there is so much more negative customer engagement in our world today.  That is the point.  It feels like it because there seem to be many more posts, sharing  “I was treated poorly” than “Wow what a great experience I just had!”

It’s up to us in Marketing to lead with positivity.  Even if someone is negative, turn it into a positive. Responding quickly and listening are definite turning points in a negative conversation.

Say the following sentences out loud and end it in a negative manner, then a positive one:

Really?  I’m traveling and…

Negative: I can’t even check into my hotel
Positive: I can’t believe someone was there to help me

Positive always wins.

Anyone who drives behind me sees my license plate.  I’ve had it for years and I love the reactions I receive.  (My count of people taking pics at a stop light is up to 37 – and their smile is so bright when their camera is removed from their face)

My license plate is BPOSITV.

In marketing, positive is the best form of engagement.  A positive engagement makes people smile.  As marketers, it’s up to us to engage with our customers in a positive way, every moment of every day.

Positive is contagious and engages everyone.