Within the last ten years, the rise of internet adoption and advances in mobile technology have completely changed communication between brands and customers. And similar changes have been witnessed in terms of security as well.

Businesses are shifting from fort-less style security with easy boundaries to the airport style security with extremely tight measures. And why not – the advancements in technology has given rise to a whole new set of security problems that can lead to critical consequences for both, brands as well as customers. Identity and authentication of users have become central to the enforcement of the security of a brand.

Single factor authentication is no more secure enough thanks to the vulnerability passwords bring along. Passwords can be easily hacked, guessed, cracked, shared and phished as well. Moreover, people love using “easy-to-remember” passwords for obvious reasons. But once the password is hacked, the whole digital identity of that user becomes vulnerable. Two-factor authentication works as a savior here by addressing all these shortcomings in an efficient manner.

In general, two-factor authentication adds an additional factor while authenticating, thereby stepping up security. This second factor can be either something you know (password, security question), something you have (OTP, mobile phone) or something you are (biometric authentication, like thumb impression or voice recognition)

The aim of this article is to help you get the right two-factor authentication solution for your business. But first, let’s share a quick glance over how a 2FA solution benefits your organization.

Major Benefits Of Two Factor Authentication

If implemented correctly, 2FA will:

  • Improve security and reduce the chances of data compromising if your brand allows remote access with passwords at present.
  • Increase flexibility and productivity by allowing employees to work remotely. Employees now can access resources on the go – productivity increases.
  • Work as an additional security option that can be advertised to your account holder as it will reduce the reputational risk post security breaches.

How To Find The Right 2FA Solution For Your Business

So now that you are pretty much convinced to implement a two-factor authentication solution for your business; the next question is, how to get there? With the number of solutions available in the market, how do you identify the best suitable one for your brand? Read on to find out the top questions you must ask your two-factor authentication vendor in order to get the ideal solution for your business :

Question 1:
What Is The Architecture Of Your 2FA And Is It Scalable?

Why it’s important: 

We all know, architecture is the base of every solution, which is why it is a must that any 2FA architecture blends well with the existing infrastructure of your business. You should know where the 2FA solution will store all the customer and token information; will it be housed on your existing database or it will require a new database that you will have to support and keep in sync. If it requires a new database, how are you going to manage the redundancy and load balancing?

Coming to scalability, will you be required to add some additional stores to scale up? And above all, will the solution use industry standards for authentication? And in case you choose to move to a different vendor, will the migration be easy or will you need to completely rip out and replace the entire solution?

Question 2:
Is Your Solution Easy To Administer?

Why it’s important: 

Since administration is a regular process, it makes sense that it should be the second most important factor while considering the two-factor authentication solution for your business. Here are two factors you need to keep in mind – the first one is the availability and the second is the usability.

So, does the solution provide web based administration, and which of the tasks, would you be able to do via the web? Also, ask if the admin interface is easy to use and whether it provides embedded or online help. Addressing these questions will ensure you a smooth experience with your two-factor authentication solution in future.

Question 3:
Is The Process Of Your Two-Factor Authentication Deployment User-Friendly?

Why it’s important: 

The way it’s deployed plays a major role in the success of every IT project. So before finalizing any two-factor authentication solution for your business, you must ask how smooth a deployment the solution brings with it. Any trouble while deploying will give another headache to both, admins as well as users.

Don’t forget to ask your vendor, how the solution will request and assign tokens. Keep in mind, it is one of the critical success factors, and the most time-consuming task too. So get the answers to these questions before settling for one.

Question 4:
What is the price and options for tokens provided by your 2FA?

Why it’s important: 

Token availability is another important factor that plays a major role in finding the right 2FA solution for your organization. Now, even though many tokens look similar and function in the same manner, they are not actually the same. So the first thing you should identify is the selection of tokens. What hardware tokens are they offering? For software tokens, are they providing one for all different phone operating systems? Which kind of software tokens are they providing, is it email based, SMS based or web-based?

Once you have settled on the type of tokens provided, you need to move to pricing part. Find out if the tokens are provided on a term basis, or are they sold for the duration of their life (battery life)?

Question 5:
What are the features available in the basic cost of your solution?

Why it’s important: 

We all know how calculating the total cost of some solutions can get quite difficult thanks to all the hidden costs beyond the basic installation. In order to make sure that you don’t get fooled into paying for every little feature in future, you need to ask some questions. One of the most common hidden costs is of agents. So make sure to discuss it first, in order to avoid any hidden charges.

So friends, that is it! Ask these questions to make sure you get the right two-factor authentication solution for your business.