Maximising Your Creative Game As A Senior Marketing Professional

For most people who enter the marketing profession, it is the creative aspect of the sector that provides the initial attraction. Under ideal circumstances, working as a marketing professional strikes the perfect balance between the ability to exercise creative freedom and regular, stable financial remuneration.

Crucial for achieving this equilibrium, however, is time. Creative people require time and space to develop ideas and campaigns to their full potential. Unfortunately, as the career of a marketing professional develops to a senior level, time often becomes a resource that ends up in short supply. The pace at which trends evolve in modern marketing – particularly across digital platforms, exacerbates this lack of time.

Customers now expect to be able to access content at any time, any location, and across a huge range of platforms. The issue for marketers is that providing this level of simplicity and convenience for the customer is reliant upon incredibly complex, interdependent and time-consuming administrative procedures.

The danger here is that senior marketers risk sacrificing their creative edge to focus on business operations. Needless to say, this can negatively impact job satisfaction for professionals, and is a sub-optimal way for marketers to add value to their organisation. The good news is that by implementing the correct strategy for marketing processes, it is possible for marketers to retain their creative focus and perform at the top of their game.

Finding A Vantage Point

One of the key challenges marketers are faced with when delivering truly integrated campaigns, is keeping track of how tasks are progressing across a variety of platforms. This often involves liaising with disparate teams of people, and trying to coordinate tasks with limited visibility of the project as a whole.

The cure for this particular headache lies with technology. Fortunately, as digital trends have evolved, so too have the tools that are available to marketers for managing them. Making use of an intuitive software platform that provides a senior marketer with a vantage point from which to orchestrate the project as a whole can be invaluable. The best marketing automation tools can be used to replace inefficient email communications, prioritise workflows and enable alerts for when aspects of a project have been completed.

Delegate To Elevate

For passionate people who are wholly invested in the success of their projects, delegating tasks can be difficult. However, the ability to do so is very important for a senior marketer. Entrusting colleagues with important tasks motivates them and provides them with a sense of ownership that is conducive to top performance.

Delegation also plays a key role in development – a team is only as strong as its weakest member, so allowing colleagues the opportunity to learn and develop their skills strengthens the team as a whole. Furthermore, delegating tasks allow senior marketers the opportunity to focus on spearheading creative innovation and propelling projects forward.

Ease Pressure With Outsourcing

No matter what sector or customer base a marketer is working with, dealing with deadlines is an inescapable reality of life in the industry. On occasion, the extra pressure resulting from working to a deadline can provide a team with the extra bit of motivation to drive results. Unfortunately, more often than not, the pressure associated with a big deadline looming on the horizon can cause people to rush work. This is when mistakes happen.

No matter how strong your team is, nobody can work 24/7. That said, while no individual can work continuously, implementing outsourcing enables an ‘always on’ approach to project work. Being able to pass a task over to another team – working different hours in a different location, means that progress can continue unabated. This kind of flexibility eases the pressure on marketing departments and allows senior marketers to shift their focus back to creativity, safe in the knowledge that deadlines will be met.

If anyone should be able to take inspiration from the guidance outlined above, and tailor it to create a truly efficient operations programme, it is the senior marketer. Adopting a multi-faceted approach to easing administrative headaches is the best way of clearing a path to creative freedom. Overcoming the inertia of old and inefficient processes can be challenging at first, but the long-term benefits associated with solving these problems are numerous and varied.